Life lesson: Don’t upgrade your hosting right before go-live

Most of you probably noticed the site was down (email, too) until this morning. Since we’re expecting over 1,000 attendees and hosting lots of video, I proactively upgraded the Summit’s hosting. Hilariously, that backfired and I got to learn everything there is to know about IP addresses, name servers, etc. We’re sorted and back!

I’m rushing to finish the last bit of preparation now. The Summit will go live Wednesday, Dec 20th with an awesome lineup of speakers and sessions. The sessions will span Wednesday and Thursday (possibly into Friday). I plan on leaving the content up through Friday

The Summit is a dream of mine that’s been two years’ in the making. I’m excited to (finally) launch it. And I hope you’re excited as well, whether you’ve been with us since the beginning or just found the community. I truly hope you benefit from this week’s content.

Thank you!

PS – If you sent me an email over the past week or two, I didn’t receive it because of the hosting issues. I wasn’t ignoring you (promise!), please resend. Thanks!

Here’s the session lineup (exact ordering will be finalized by tomorrow)!

Opening keynote – The genesis of the Product Marketing Summit
Justin Topliff, Director of Product Marketing @ CampusLogic & Founder @ Product Marketing Summit

Personas in action – How high performing companies use buyer insights to drive marketing and sales results
Rachel Young, Senior Research Director of Portfolio Marketing @ SiriusDecisions

How product marketers can make NPS their secret weapon
Derek Pando, Product Marketer @ Zoom

SaaS pricing for product marketers
Kyle Poyar, Director of Market Strategy @ OpenView Venture Partners

How to fuel 40% YoY growth with sales enablement
Tyler Zeman, Director of Product Marketing @ Pluralsight

The critical role of product marketers in the buyer’s journey
Colm Lennon, Founder @ Haka Products

How product marketing can relieve pressure from product management
Tony Holbrook, VP Marketing & Commerce @ Ingram Micro Commerce & Fulfillment

Using your SaaS metrics to uncover opportunities for growth
Patrick Campbell, CEO @ Price Intelligently

Messaging & positioning: The importance of storytelling
Jeffrey Vocell, Sr Manager of Product Marketing @ Hubspot

Value propositions that sell
Abdul Rastagar, Associate Director of Product Marketing @ Veeva Systems

Global product marketing for startups – challenges & opportunities
Jessica Iandiorio, SVP Marketing @ Mirakl

Product marketing content 101
Elisabeth Thomas, Founder @ Launch Product Marketing

5 secrets for grabbing more attention in your next product launch
Dan Murphy, Product Marketing Manager @ Drift

Product marketing as a skill (vs. function) and building a PMM team
Greg Powell, Head of Product Marketing @ Fundbox

Using video for product marketing
Naike Romain, Product Marketing Specialist @ Wistia

Agile for product marketing
Tim Hinds, Director of Product Marketing @ HAProxy Technologies

Closing keynote – What’s ahead for product marketing
Justin Topliff, Director of Product Marketing @ CampusLogic & Founder @ Product Marketing Summit

*We may have a few more, we’ll let you know!

What to expect Wednesday & Thursday

How do I ‘attend’ the Summit?

Even though the Summit is a 100% online event, it will still function much like an in-person conference. Sessions will go live at designated times. You’ll get an email every hour, on the hour, with a link to view the scheduled session.

What if I can’t watch all the sessions?

Don’t worry. The links will remain live for the duration of the Summit. If you can’t watch a session during its designated time, you can view the recording at your leisure.

How long will I be able to view the content?

If you’re reading this email, you have a Free Pass to the Summit. Your Free Pass lets you access content for the duration of the Summit. Once the Summit ends, you’ll need an All Access Pass to continue accessing content. More details on All Access Passes coming tomorrow.

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