January 17, 2018

Product Marketing – Lessons from American Airlines in what happens when you forego NIHITO & ignore VOC

If you’re customer-focused, you’re always waking up wondering, how can we make that customer say, ‘wow?’ A large part of this is listening to customers. What happens when you don’t listen or even put yourself in your customers’ shoes? In AA’s case, a new airplane (product) so dense & uncomfortable that passengers AND crew hate it…and the CEO doesn’t even know.

Product Marketing – An Inside Look at Pragmatic Marketing’s Approach to New Product Launches

SBI recently spoke with Jim Foxworthy, the president of Pragmatic Marketing. Their framework is a market driven model for managing and marketing technology products. Hear Jim’s take on everything around new product launches, from determining objectives to marketing & product enablement.

Marketing – Clarity in Positioning

Positioning is a process that focuses on conveying product value to buyers, resulting in a family of documents that drives all outbound communications. Yet in recent years, it seems as if positioning has “devolved” into a document of vague superlatives. Here’s how to get back to clarity.

Career – Lunch as an antidote, and equalizer, to golf

Some companies are taking free food a step further, encouraging employees to take unlimited lunches out on the company’s dime. There’s only one condition: These meal dates need to be with someone smart and outside of the organization. “Take someone smart out for a meal. Learn something. Expense it. No approval needed. No limits. No rules. Use good judgment.“

People – Here’s How to Wield Empathy and Data to Build an Inclusive Team

When Ciara Trinidad left her post as Lever’s Head of Diversity and Inclusion, the numbers made her understandably proud: The startup’s team of 125 people was 59% women, 39% men, and 2% gender nonconforming. That D&I leadership role was her first. In this exclusive interview, Trinidad shares how she got the job done with two secret weapons: empathy and data.


Pluralsight is looking for a Product Marketing Manager!

Pluralsight proudly creates the creators of tomorrow: the people who develop the technology that lifts the human condition. We do this through the tech industry’s leading learning platform for serious Developer, IT and Creative professionals. Our team of 700+ innovators serves millions of users across the globe.

Pluralsight is seeking a Product Marketing Manager to help bring our technology learning platform to market which will help businesses transform their technology strategy and close the tech skills gap. This person will play a key role in developing and implementing our enterprise go-to-market strategy. We need someone who is energized by partnering with Product and Sales leadership to create compelling strategies to drive the business and shake up the market.

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