What is 'product marketing'? How is it different from 'normal' marketing?

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What is the Product Marketing Summit?

The inaugural Product Marketing Summit launched in 4Q17. if you missed it, you can purchase your All Access Pass and receive lifetime access to over 17 sessions & speakers by clicking ‘Purchase’ at top right.

In 2019, 40 top product marketers will share their knowledge and jumpstart the first community dedicated to product marketers. The best part? All the video interviews on the Summit will be FREE for a limited time. It’s my way of giving back and helping all of us become better product marketers. Sign up above to receive free access and updates.



Product marketers are underserved by existing educational resources. There’s plenty out there for product managers, but a lack of applicable knowledge for product marketers.


We are building a community to facilitate the transfer of tribal knowledge. This is the most valuable knowledge. Learning from your peers’ successes and mistakes is better than textbooks.



Product marketers can’t be effective if the rest of the company doesn’t understand our role. That’s why the Product Marketing Summit is also great for your colleagues.

Learn from product marketers at:

We already read a lot of books, so let’s meet new people, learn some new things and create a community so all of us can become better product marketers.

2019 Summit launching 2Q19. Stay tuned.